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Our Mission

To provide superior, cost reducing energy services and procurement solutions for all businesses owners, whether big or small.



Our Vision

To be recognized as the industry standard for providing consistent savings and quality service to our customers without compromising our character and corporate social responsibility. 

Who We Are

Erie Energy Partners (EEP) is a commercial broker of natural gas and electricity supply. As an energy broker, EEP works closely with its comprehensive list of highly qualified, and vetted suppliers to help facilitate the procurement of natural gas and electricity for its commercial customers.   

EEP's team of experienced energy professionals have worked extensively in the energy marketplace. We educate and explain the complexities of the markets in a simple manner that allows you to make strong risk-management decisions, that ultimately improve your bottom line. 

Character is of the utmost importance at EEP.  It is the foundation of which the Managing Partners built their careers and relationships around; and a critical part of the hiring process.  

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